Memory Care.

When loved ones begin to experience memory loss, it becomes a safety and security concern. The Sequoias San Francisco offers Memory Care. We also offer Memory Care at our CCRC at The Sequoias Portola Valley.

Highly Qualified

Memory Care requires highly specialized medical professionals that care for persons with a diagnosis of irreversible dementia. We have an area completely dedicated to providing safety, security and care for those with memory loss.


The Sequoias San Francisco and The Sequoias Portola Valley, are all accredited and recognized for their excellence. Our high standards and dedication to Memory Care ensure that patients are provided the best support possible. A patient does not need to be a resident at one of our Continuing Care Communities to apply for Memory Care.


Our Promise

Our promise is to provide residents with a structured routine in a calm environment with personalized attention from specially trained staff. We provide a safe, home-like environment to help residents maintain a meaningful lifestyle. Upon entrance, we closely connect with each person so we can use this knowledge to aid in their care.

Overview Goals

Our time is dedicated to purposeful activity, engaging conversation, and enjoyable pastimes that are tailored to individual interests. We provide residents with a compassionate setting, 24 hours a day.

Admissions/Patient Referrals


Memory Care for those who are not already residents at The Sequoias San Francisco, contact Janey Dobson MPH, Director of Sequoia Living Health Services, Marketing:

(415) 351-7956 (office)
(415) 351-7963 (fax)

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