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Sara McVey Monthly Musings

Sara McVey Monthly Musings

Reactivating Our Programs and Services
As part of our efforts to get to our “new next,” we are carefully reactivating some of our programs and services. I am happy to share that safe outdoor visitations are now taking place at all our CCRCs. We are also proactively approaching the counties with ideas for reactivating more services and programs at our CCRCs.

Sara McVey Monthly Musings

A New Vision of Senior Living

The evolving needs of contemporary seniors moves on a parallel track with technology development. The recognition that today’s 50-plus population bears scant resemblance to generations past is essential to developing modern, technology-forward continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs.

Sara McVey Monthly Musings

Born To Energize

• laughing leader
• status quo snacker
• yoga lover

My mom was the queen of one-liners. At the end of our conversations, she’d always wrap it up with a zinger. Here’s one of my favorites: “Sara Rose, you can either be courageous or comfortable – but you can’t be both.” That was certainly on my mind when I took on this role, moving from Seattle to San Francisco about nine months ago. I wanted a new kind of challenge – and boy – the universe has certainly overdelivered!