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Excellence, Always

The Sequoias San Francisco has been recognized for its exemplary service and accommodations. For over 20 years, we have been accredited by CARF-CCAC, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of human service providers, established in 1966.


Our focus and goal is to always exceed expectations.The accreditation process validates our standing and identifies opportunities for improvement.

CARF-CCAC is the only group in the U.S. that examines and reports how standards are met in CCRCs. CARF-CCAC has developed a strict set of guidelines, standards and practices by which CCRCs are measured.


Our quality of care is dedicated to exceeding the most stringent guidelines.

Decision Consideration

Accreditation is the trusted sign of quality and should be an important consideration in decision making for a respected Life Care Community (Continuing Care Community).


CARF International is an independent, non-profit organization with longevity. They were established in 1966 so their experience in accrediting a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) can be trusted.


You and your loved ones can feel secure in knowing we strive to exceed expectations.

Always Improving

Achieving accreditation means we will commit to always improving, focusing on the unique needs of each resident and monitoring the results of our services.


You can feel good knowing that we diligently work with CARF International and learn how to improve our quality of care for each and every resident. We’ve been making sure we always strive for the best and have been doing so for the last 60 years.

A message from our director:

“We support a vibrant community of residents, provide days filled with social engagement, joy and purpose, all supported by a professional and caring staff. Wellness is at the forefront of all we do. Our goal is to enable residents to enjoy their lives, interests, friendships and the beauty of San Francisco.”

– The Sequoias’ Executive Director, Glen Goddard

Making the Decision

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